La Petite Poupée Noire

A memoir of a little black doll.

Friends Only (Add to Read)

I don't post often in here, all of my previous entries have been private weirdness from a while ago. However anything i post from now on will be on friends lock, as bad people have found this before and i don't want that to happen again.

Journal Contains:
. lots of obscene cursing
. lots of ranting about school/life/myself/people
. lots of fangirling
. lots of random posts about random things

Even if we've never talked,feel free to add me and then you can see anything i post. Also feel free to introduce yourself, as i love meeting people but am terribly shy. It's not necessary though, i don't delete anyone who adds me :]

Randi <3

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(Deleted comment)
i have a tendency to look at somebody's interests on here and if they're similar i add them xD even if we've never talked, i like to read people's blogs and such that like they same things i do. thanks for introducing yourself!
oh i had a DA account for photoshop brushes, i haven't been on there in a while. school and such.

(Deleted comment)
sorry for the late reply too haha.
yes i can identify with the art thing too! i'm planning on going to art college though, so this year ill have to change that

I know you from Tumblr . . . add me?

I'm Relaynie, nice to meet you. :)

AH your tumblr is so lovely! of course :D

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