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La Petite Poupée Noire

A memoir of a little black doll.



To the lovely Sir or Madame whom it may concern;

I'm Randi. This is my livejournal. This is forever a DAILY LIFE/RANT BLOG . I use it mostly for communities. I'm more active on my tumblr. I'm young, and i'm bad at writing these things. I like ruffles and lace, photography and art, music and literature, cute things and pretty food, england, france, and japan. I hate my life. At least online i can forget that. (If i've added you, and you're wondering why, i add people who seem like they have interesting things to say or post. i tend to just be a reader not a stalker. i add people to keep track, i enjoy random posts by other people about whatever they feel life talking about. you can delete me or not accept my request if you feel like it.

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